Ode to President Hinckley

Saw this on Facebook. I really liked it :)

Ode to President Hinckley
He spoke.
We listened.
He voiced with care –
“Prepare for the day when I won’t be here.”

A Prophet’s Voice.
A Warning Cry.
“Look to the Savior, and you shall not die.”

A rushing wind.
A silence, loud.
The fire by night.
The pillar of cloud.
The Priesthood displayed.
The glory of God.

Our Rock,
Our example,
Our Iron Rod.

He spoke.
We listened.
He voiced with care.

…Heads Bowed.
…Hearts touched.

We Hear.
We Hear.

-Jill Dyches


Mama D said...

This is really neat. Thanks for sharing!

...Heads bowed.
...Hearts touched.
We hear.

GBH left a wonderful legacy for us to continue to build on!

Papa D said...

I like it - a lot. Thanks!