Difficulties come into everyone's life, no matter what circumstances may be. If I'm feeling angry, stressed, or sad all I need is my music. I can sit down at my piano, and just play song after song until I feel soothed. Or I can lay down on my bed and listen to anything from Shinedown to Rascal Flatts to Michael Bublé to Hillary Weeks. The lyrics of a song say exactly what I'm feeling, puts my thoughts into words in ways I can't do myself. Music is the consoling power when I am broken. It is the safe haven when I'm drowning in the sea of every day life.



I wish I was a good writer myself. That I could put my thoughts into words better. But I found this and it pretty much sums up how I've been feeling lately. Okay not really lately, just fairly recently. It'll go away, but until then it's driving me crazy.

"Have you ever felt like you are the most bland person ever? Like you wake up after falling asleep on the couch, and your body feels so tired..even your saliva tastes boring and bland and weird and you feel like you have nothing to do with your life but go back to bed?
Like you aren't doing anything worth accomplishing, but you are still, constantly running...for what?....or from what? But you know you can't stop no matter how much it hurts....but what is at the end of the finish line? More running?"



Ryan goes into the MTC on Wednesday...he actually flies out Monday. It's going to be so weird with him gone, but in a way it's relieving because it's finally happening! He gets set apart on Sunday...which is also Fathers Day, Laura's birthday, and he is giving a talk.

Dad comes home for the weekend...super excited!! Can't wait until tonight!

Oh yeah...I'm moving to Canton, Missouri next month. Definitely going to be weird, but I'll be able to adjust. I just wish I didn't have to leave everyone behind. Especially Fairfield Ward.

I finished Alma today! My goal is to finish the BoM before I move. So I have until mid-July. I can do it...I'm going to try to finish virtue in Personal Progress before I move also.



Last Friday, Ryan received his mission call!!!!
He has been called to serve in the Washington Everett mission! He leaves for the MTC on June 24...3 days before my birthday.
But I'm so excited for him. :) Washington is (apparently) gorgeous! I want to go there! :D


"It's the Final Countdown"

The title is a popular, stupid Show Choir song. Sorry.

9 scriptures/quotes that stuck out to me through the year:

1. Philippian 4:11
2. "Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle"
3. "The difference between American humor and British humour is that British humour requires an education." - Mr. Simmins lol
4. Matthew 11:28-30
5. "Come what may and love it"
6. John 16:33
7. Moroni 7
8. "Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life"
9. Matthew 5:8

7 reasons why i love my best friends this year (+previous years):

1. they can always make me laugh, no matter what mood i'm in.
2. they are the BEST listeners ever.
3. they accept me for who i am.
4. they encourage me to keep my standards.
5. we have the best inside jokes.
6. they always make me happy:]
7. we can criticize each other to make both of us stronger and better people.

5 movies/books I have seen/read this year:

1. Twilight series.
2. The Dark Knight.
3. Tess of the d'Urbervilles.
4. The New Testament:]
5. Kung Fu Panda.

3 times i felt like crying because i was happy or really felt the spirit:
1. girl's camp - testimony meeting.
2. youth conference.
3. stake conference.

1 thing you may not know about me:
1. when i was little (about 8ish maybe?) i was convinced that i was going to go to BYU and date/marry a BYU football player. yeah i was pretty pathetic. but that's okay.