Mother Nature is the Devil in disguise

so mama finally went to bed (maybe...she's probably talking to papa instead...i tried to get her to bed over a half an hour ago...shows how bad i am trying to convince mama...i talk to her too much haha)
but because she left, i promised her i would blog finally. promises, promises.

so in the midst of a crappy week, and freakin' mother nature ruining my weekend, i'm trying real hard to find the good things that did happen this week. so here goes:

  • well, my family is pretty much amazing, and people should be jealous. jk everyone needs to be grateful for their own family lol. but still i'm becoming more appreciative of them. well okay more appreciative of younger siblings. gotta love them. especially when they graciously give you tons of sour gummy worms. thanks laura :)
  • food to eat. i've been hungry a lot lately. food is delicious. and if i didn't have the food i did, i would cry. maybe even die. i'm in love with congo bars all over again.
  • which reminds me, mama making congo bars for the first time in a century was amazing and quite tasty!
  • spending time with jessica thursday night. meaning we talked and watched american idol. ha. hate the show, love this season (the 3 davids...they're talented!)
  • talking on the phone with joe thursday night when i really needed it was a blessing.
  • spending the night at clara's with kelly also. that was a blast :)
  • sledding in the snow. so yeah sure i hate snow with such a passion now, its probably illegal, but still. good sledding snow and down the Jungkunz's hill/drive way too. wow that was fun!
  • "mermaid" "macho man" "Buddha" "Santa" hahahahaha
  • the movie Madagascar is hilarious.
  • read somewhere that al gore might get sued. made my day. global warming, my butt. (NOTE: he really probably isn't. biggest rumor ever. but it was still hilarious.)

um yeah there's some stuff. pretty awesome stuff too. :)


Papa D said...

Al Gore might get sued?! I know you don't want to see it, but I'm doing my "Kevin James in 'Hitch'" happy dance. You just made my day - or night, as the case may be.

You do have an awesome family. You set the proper tone for your younger sisters. THANKS!!

ldsskittle07 said...

well it was a major rumor so i do doubt it but it was still funny.

Citrus, Mrmn, Etc. said...

i wish it was snowy down here... its just wet and cold >_<

Mama D said...

Yes, I finally did go to bed... but I am sure I stopped and talked to Papa on the way!

Yes, your family is amazing, and so are congo bars. We will have to start making them more often! Hmmm... Thanks for your example with your sisters.

ldsskittle07 said...

15 inches of snow is not fun, when it ruins 3 different things you could've done. :/