Mission Thoughts

I went tracting last Saturday with Sister Walton and Sister Hanks and Clara. Then we went to Buffalo Wild Wings.
First time going; I was nervous. Like really nervous. I thought about not going at all. Thank goodness I did go. It was a blast. I absolutely loved it. Only tracted one street, but Sister Hanks and I didn't get one door slam. We got at least 10 conversations. At least. 2 houses to come back and give Books of Mormon to. And 1 appointment set. It was fun. Insightful. Thrilling even. I know that this is not a usual occurrence, but goodness, it was a great first experience! Seriously though, I used to be "Oh mission. No thanks. I'll talk to people I know, etc but no thanks on the mission. I'll go to school, get a good job, get married, be perfectly okay. Other people can go on missions. Sounds like to much for me and I'm not particularly good at full-out talking about everything." Well, not anymore. Sure I'm still not that great at doing the talking, but oh my goodness. If life leads me to my choice of going on a mission or not, I'm most definitely going to go. It's so much easier saying that, now that I've been tracting with the Sisters. So much easier to say that, when you hear the missionaries have conversations with people, and even give your own two cents sometimes. So much easier to say that, when you have that experience. That experience will give you knew insights on whether you wanna go or not. Even as I'm writing it now, I wanna go more and more. And there will be few things that could stop me.

My only question is Why haven't I gone tracting before January 5, 2008; why was I so scared to go before?
I guess that's two questions...oh well.


Papa D said...

Interesting what experience does to perspective!

I'm proud of you, girlfriend.

Mama D said...

Haven't had a chance to comment yet. Just want to say I'm glad that you had this experience and that you'd like to go on a mission if that is where life leads you. You'd be a great missionary!

Remind me to talk to you about an experience Dad and I had a number of years ago... it relates to this.

Love you!