Goodbye 2007, Hello 2008

Over this past year, I've found there is more to me than I realized. I found out who I really am. Firstly, I thank my parents of course. I would be an idiot if I didn't give any credit to them. Especially for paying the money for me to go to EFY and Girls Camp. Also Youth Conference was amazing. (But that was also free lol) Those three things have helped me in so many ways; I'll always be grateful.
But I've found out more about myself than ever... I'm not as witty as Ryan or Jessica. I'm not as mellow and "forgetful" (why he didn't bring home any cheddar biscuits I still don't know!) as Jeffrey. I certainly don't and can't have as much energy as Katie. I'm not good with big words like Laura. (superfluous need i say more? lol). Mom once told me I'm the mix of everyone else. Often I think that I wish I could be more like this or that, but not lately. I like being a "balance" of some personalities. I have my funny moments. I most definitely have my sarcastic moments. Also, I'm pretty darn stubborn :) But, like my Girls Camp nickname; Sweettart, I'm sweet and caring.
I naturally get along with everyone (Even if I don't like you, you must be a pretty big jerk for me not to at least be nice to you lol) But although I have many "acquaintances" I've found so many more, closer friends this year. I really wish I could list all of them, but hey I can try, right?

oh dear here goes lol
Pretty much all of Fairfield Ward. I'm going to miss you guys on Sundays next year since my family is going to Harrison Branch now.
I wanna thank Sister Hickson and Sister Chapin most definitely. Sister Nichols and Sister (Emily) Rosenberg. Sister Rakes. Brother Richardson and Brother (Adam) Rosenberg. (Too many Rosenbergs, I don't want people to be confused lol) Even (dare I say it jk lol) Bishop Striebeck and especially Brother Unklesbay. Sister Striebeck. Whether it's YW, PP, BYD, BYC, and certainly the Kirtland Trip, you've helped me a lot!
From EFY, my counselors Sharla, Brie, and Joseph! Also Margie, or G'mama! And my whole group!! BEAR ANY GRUDGE.
Girls Camp was amazing. ALL 4th years are awesome. This past year was most definitely my favorite! I was going to do GC next year anyway, but this past year actually put real desire in me to want to go next year. Hopefully I'll get 2nd years next year -- be with my trio! Jessica (sister :D), Justine, and Laurel) My JL's were awesome -- Chelsea, Rachel, Carrie, and Valerie! Sister Manwaring and Sister Riggs!
Youth Conference. was THE BEST. Helped me SO much. Thank you to my group! Joe, Neal, Caden, Eli, Stuart, Becca, Stephanie, Brother and Sister Nakata!! All of you guys are amazing! (Incredibly sorry if I forgot anyone but my dad wants the computer so I'm trying to hurry)
Pretty much thank you to these people: (long list)
Aaron, Eli, Joe, Carson, Caden, Jake, Brigham, Amy, Stephanie, Erica, Emily C, Nathan, Alexi, Stucki, Craig, Davy, Charity, Emily D, Taylor, Amy D, Jill, LeeAnn, Kara, Courtney, April, Ariel, Amanda, Whitney, Whittney, Emma C, Leann, Mark, Becca, Brittany B, Neal, Nolan, Brian, Tanner, Liz, Christina, Alisha, Stephanie, Leslie, Shawn, Ethan, Bari, Andrew, Matthew, Spencer, Chris, Brendon, Emma, Kelly, Jessica, Katie, Clara, Brittany, Kayla, Kaylyn, Aimee, Jessica J, Andrea, Mikayla, Samantha, OH MY GOODNESS ETC! lol
Of course: Mama!, Papa, Ryan, Fejj, Jessica!, Katie, Laura

School just to name some:
Oriana, Cameron, Hannah, Josh, Bethany, Alex, Becky, Brandon, Chelsea, Ellery, Kaylee, Carol, Tangelica, Aaron, Brandon, Kristina, Puska, Kathryn, Alli, Samm, Sally, Emma, Leah, Hana, Michael, Ashleigh, Taryn, all 3 Megans lol, Samantha, Amara, Patrick, Steven, Alex, Taylor, Missy, Richie, Robert, Jeff, Maria, Brynna, Maddey, Eric, Robby, Kim, Nick, Ray, etc.

I'm grateful for who I am. Who I really am. What I have found out and what all of you have helped me find out about myself and what makes me happy and what pisses me off :)
It's been a great year. I'm a little sad to see this year pass, but excited for next year!!

Merry Christmas, btw.
Remember the True Meaning of Christmas everyone :)


Mama D said...

Hope you didn't forget anyone... LOL!

I'm glad you shared your perspective on this year, and grateful you have found out who you really are. That knowledge will continue to serve you well for years to come.

You are an amazing young woman, with the amazing talents to be a good friend and to balance the characteristics that you brought with you and that you inherited from your parents. I am privileged to be your mom!!!

Papa D said...

I love who you are - and who I am sure you will become. You remind me SO much of Mama - in all my favorite ways. I can't think of a greater compliment.

My highest wish for all of my kids is that they be happy with who they are, that they think for themselves, that they remember who they are collectively and learn who they are individually, that they come to know their Father and His Son, and that they carve out lives that will satisfy and challenge and reward and fulfill and complete.

I love you, girlfriend.

Patty said...

I don't really know you very well, but I think that anyone who spends any time around you can tell that you are a wonderful and beautiful person and I'm so glad you are not only finding out who you are, but also learning to love the person you are and will be.