My respect for my generation in society has...

just declined by like 15 levels.

I was at Lakota West's Mini Convention Sat. (JSA - so much fun :D) Well pretty much it was a ton of fun, met new people, got to hear debates, and yeah it was just fantastic. Well the last resolution is what got me. Ugh. The resolution was:
Prostitution should be legalized. (Pro - yes/Con - no)
First of all, SHOULD THIS EVEN BE A QUESTION?!? (morally)
But oh my gosh, they way they were debating, I thought I was going to be the only one who would vote con (I love Alex Branton! :D) It was absolutely ridiculous the points they made. Apparently, if I'm a prostitute, I'm going to have higher self-esteem if it is legalized. How am I going to feel better about myself knowing that the government that I live under is supporting a guy who is getting paid to have sex with me?? And cops usually don't take a woman seriously if they go and tell them that they've been raped. But supposedly by legalizing it, they will get benefits? Nothing is going to change besides the fact that now the pimps will be allowed/it will be legal for them to set up a prostitution business and get even more profit from sleeping with women. Not to mention that the new HIV vaccine got brought up (because of the diseases and STD's that get spread around with prostitution). And what makes me mad is when I'm encouraged to get the vaccine. (go ahead and 'advise' me to get it but don't encourage me like it's the best b/c you don't know me) Because now apparently now it's assumed that I'm going to get raped or that I'm a whore. Sorry pals, don't assume crap about me.
And even with all these points that the other side made, what made me mad was how people were joking about it. I mean seriously, where are your morals? I don't care if you were kidding, this is something that there should be no jokes about at all, anytime, anywhere.
So yeah, I don't care if your point is that "ugly people can have sex now," IT IS WRONG. no questions asked!!


Mama D said...

I've heard this rant and read it on Facebook, but I'm glad you posted it here, as well.

The world's views are pretty twisted. Continue to stand up for your values and morals. You might not change the world, but you will have an influence on those closest to you. Morality and chastity is not a popular stance these days, but you already know how important it is that you hold onto your standards and live what you believe. When you continue to do this, you will always be able to live with yourself.

Love you!

Papa D said...

You go, girl. Moments like this (and reading your sister's comment on Ryan's blog about mortality) are what makes being a parent the best thing in the world.