random update of my life!
you don't get this often so enjoy!!

school is out, thank goodness [i started singing Wicked lol] stupid Fairfield had to have a make-up day. too many snow days. so our last day instead of June 6 was June 9. how cruel. well i found out today that i got straight A's this last term. i worked hard for that A in french 3. phew. but now i have summer work for french 4 and pre AP english...and then i'm also taking german 1 next year:) and business academy. i get to go to dallas, texas next may:) and my senior year is disneyland how freakin awesome is that:D
anyway, my sisters dance recital was adorable. loved it. it was my first year watching from the audience. i danced for 5 years then was working backstage the other years so it was exciting to watch for myself!
i started today walking/jogging/running in the morning. at 7. i might do 6 instead. but i do it around the neighborhood for an hour. i'm in shape, just not THAT in shape. so i'm trying to change that at least a tiny bit:)
um. btw, if you've never heard of Jon McLaughlin look him up. pretty much a phenomenal pianist and great singer and fantastic song writer, and did i mention he plays the piano? so yeah, i'm hooked. i keep listening and listening to his songs. they're fantastic. and he's not well-known either. from indiana.
OH! mama, clara, kelly, and kaylyn threw me a mini surprise sweet 16 party thursday night. THANK YOU:) it was a blast. and i know not as many people were there than what you wanted (talking about clara lol) but it's okay. i had a blast. and thank you to everyone who came. the cake was delicious btw and totally cute. and did i mention i LOVE the game apples to apples? and how beast hartwig and nathan are at that game too haha

i'll be 16. [i'll be by edwin mccain is an amazing song]
it's about freakin' time lol
oh, and i have a date on my birthday.
how awesome is that.
it'll be me and nathan & charity and peter:D
i'm super excited!
but that is of course after dad takes me out for lunch for
my birthday:]!


Mama D said...

Yeah, that was random!

Congrats on your grades last term. You worked hard for them!

Please find a walking/running partner (Jessica? Clara?) to ease your mom's paranoia. :) If I'm not working, I want to be sleeping at 6 or 7, not worrying about you!

Why have you not had me listen to Jon McLaughlin yet? Let's have a music party!

You're welcome on the b-day party. Glad you were surprised! Clara thought she'd spoiled it a few days ago.

And you're a beast for having two dates in one day -- ON your 16th b-day, no less. :)

Papa D said...

they would slow me down and distract me. and don't be paranoid and sleep. goodness you worry too much for your own good:p

i dunno. but you need to listen to him. he's phenomenal.

ldsskittle07 said...

the thing under papa d is from me i was on his account/blog sorry lol