My friend, Josh, in my English class wrote this for a poetry competition thing our teacher had us enter. He only got an honorable mention and imo, it should have won at the very least second.

"What does the richest man want but can not buy?
What is the correct answer to every "why"?
What's superior to perfection, what's inferior to sin?
What's safer than protection, what's more interior than in?
What's luckier than seven, what's healthier than well?
What's better than heaven, what's worse than hell?
What's shorter than a moment, what's longer than forever?
What in the world has existed never?
What doesn't happen for a reason?
What's colder than freezin'?
What can a blind man see, what can a numb person feel?
What's more than everything, what's less than not anything?
What can make each moment reappear?
What can make everything disappear?
What's darker than black, what can a deaf man hear?
What rhymes with silver, purple, orange, or month?
What's hotter than the Z Machine, what's faster than light?
What's more unlucky than thirteen, what's lighter than white?
What's bigger than the universe, whats smaller than an atom?
The answer is something we simply can not fathom."


Mama D said...

Your friend is a definite poet, even though he didn't win. Thanks for sharing. What about your poem? Are you going to post that one?!

Papa D said...

What Mama said - as usual.