Mama wanted an update...

I'm on Christmas Break thank goodness!
I want to listen to the David Archuleta CD. right now. but this computer doesn't have sound dang it.
I went on a triple date last night. Me and Nathan/Charity and Trevor/Stephanie and Spencer. It was incredibly fun. Mormon dates are always so creative:)
I'm attempting to wait patiently until Christmas tomorrow.
I finished 1 John, 2 John, 3 John, and Jude today meaning I'm on Revelations. I'm still deciding what I'll read next. I'm thinking Book of Mormon.
I still have to read Passage to India sometime over break... :(
I really, really despise rain right now.


Mama D said...

Wow, an update just for me. I'm special.

Don't wait too long to read... the boys had a hard time getting into that book. Darn English requirements.

Glad you had fun last night!

Congrats on your scripture reading. Keep up the good habit!

Jessica the Fighting Filly said...

Brother Hales asked me if I had read the book of John by Christmas on Sunday... lets just say, you win. lol

ldsskittle07 said...

Mama of course you're special, silly.

I still haven't read it...my new years eve is going to be a blast...yay...

lol i sat in the same bench as him during sacrament meeting and he didn't mention it afterwards to me lol probably b/c he knows i've already finished it lol