why do i always post my friends' poems on here? lol

My friend Ashley wrote this poem:]

Falling in love is a dangerous thing.
there's no telling just where you might land,
and no telling if you'll just keep falling
or if someone will put out their hand.
Putting faith like that into a lover
doesn't make for a true love at all,
it just leads to dependence and heartbreak
and pain when you land from the fall.
Saying someone is the sun in your sky
and the reason the stars are so bright
can lead to infinite cloudy days
and a velvety blackness each night.
And saying that you live only for them
or they are the beats of your heart
puts you at risk for a premature death
if it happens to all fall apart.
Declaring that they are all you see
and that they are each breath that you take
will in time affect you with blindness
or cause you to suffocate.
These are mistakes that all lovers make
that they usually don't even see,
they don't realize the true definition of love,
the kind that lasts for eternity.

My love for you isn't like that.

You aren't the reason my sun shines each day
Your are not the only one I can see.
You didn't put all of the stars in the sky
nor are you every breath come from me.
you're not the reason my heart keeps on beating,
my life does not center on you,
I am not hopeless if i cant be yours...
without you to myself I'm still true.


I want to share the sunlight with you,
the warmth on our faces as we walk,
I want to be with you under the stars...
just sitting close with no need to talk.
Instead of you being all that i see
I want to see everything with you.
Our dreams and fears and hopes and trials,
and everything we do.
And every breath I can share with you
is one that would be treasured...
and laying close, it'd be so amazing
to feel our hearts beating together.
who i am is not determined by "us",
I do not desperately need you,
But I'd enjoy your close company more than you know...
i guess that's what i mean when i say "i love you".


Mama D said...

This is a neat poem and a good definition of love. Thanks for sharing the talents of your friends. Now, when are you going to post one of your own? lol

Mama D said...

I tagged you! :P You know to check my random quirks post for directions.

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Dancer09 said...

update!!! and i tagged you.. the details are on blog so yeah..

Dancer09 said...

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