Thought of the Day

"Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life." - Berthold Auerbach

pretty much one of my favorite quotes ever:)


I can't seem to dodge Pres Ladle. what's up with that? lol

i gave a talk in harrison at the beginning of the year. pres woestman and pres ladle were there, saying what a wonderful job i did. now i am a prospective speaker. maybe stake conference? that was the joke anyway. i really don't want to. mostly because i can talk to people individually no problem, but i'm not a huge fan of talking to a huge group...
then in april my dad asks me to speak with him and mom in oxford. sure why not? it's a branch too; less people! it was great, i got to talk on elder wirthlin's talk at general conference!! and of course, pres ladle and pres guffey were there. i think they're following me. pres ladle "let me know when your next talk is, i'm going to be there." great... :) ...
so i was thinking sure why not, come. i'm getting used to it by now! but i was thinking okay it's going to be a while before i get assigned another talk. nope, been back in fairfield ward for about a month and a half now and i'm giving a talk on may 11. what joy. but it's okay. i like giving talks i do, they are very insightful and uplifting!! and who else can say that in 5 months they have given 3 talks in 3 different congregations? i feel at least a little special :D
and stake conference is in august. so i might as well start prepping myself just in case if i'll talk again. and if i don't there is always next year...and then there is always seminary graduation...wooo...

i'm really starting to get used to this whole let's give a talk at least every other month thing. i like it even if i'm still not comfortable talking to a big group. :)