Not as random as it seems...

First of all, it almost seems like the whole Hotel is getting a blog. The only unusual thing about that is the fact that I wasn't one of the first ones to sign up for one. I was going to convince Fejj to get one but we all know that would take time & effort (sorry this sounds mean) and he's not worth the time because (yes I'm going to explain) he'd never update anyway.

Back to my title...
ldsskittle07 actually has meaning in it (I know shocking. Who would've guessed that there wasn't a point to it? I dunno maybe Dad just to mock & tease me...but hey I won't go there...)
lds stands for Latter-day Saint. Yes, i said LDS not Mormon. Essentially the same thing, yet a lot of differences, too.
skittle. Random? Perhaps. But hey since when am I not random? Not to mention they sound realllll good right now. Especially the red flavor. They're the best kind. Delicious? Pretty much. I also chose skittle because they remind me of rainbows. ("Taste the Rainbow") Yes, I like rainbows; that means it just rained & I was dancing in a gigantic, deep puddle in the teacher's parking lot at Fairfield South Elementary - always fun! :) Yes, I like rainbows; they're very pretty & multi-colored, including red being at the top (the red flavor has always been and will always be at the top, fyi). Yes, I like rainbows; NO I really don't care if you think I am wierd.
And thinking about it, if I was a guy (thank goodness I'm not...if I was a guy that would mean having to marry a woman and we know how demanding and controlling women can be...And I like being demanding and controlling so I'm set :D) but if I was a guy, it would be kind of awkward liking rainbows because then everyone would think I was gay and I wouldn't be because that's just a no. It's one of those no's that don't and shouldn't need an explanation.
Wow, I go off on random tangents sometimes...
Now people say "Why is it 07 on the end of ldsskittle? You didn't graduate in '07!"
Very good. You know my age. Do you want a trophy for actually knowing Sarah and not being a stranger to her? Honestly, I'm glad you know my age. I might even throw in a chocolate bar, because everyone knows how much chocolate we have stashed in our house :)
It is 07 simply because my favorite number is 7. But no one sane wants to look at ldsskittle7. that just looks plain dumb. I, being the genious that I am and inherited from my father obviously, made it look un-dumb (yes, I wrote "un-dumb") by making it:

There you go.
Now you know why there's that random lds chick, who is "gay," I mean happy (for those wierd people out there who will be offended by the smallest and stupidest things), with the favorite number 7.